Show Me the Way

The battle for LGBTQ rights hasn’t only been fought on the streets of coastal cities; it has also taken place on the dirt roads, campuses, and in the homes of rural America. In this new short documentary—released 50 years after the Stonewall riots, which brought LGBTQ rights into the national consciousness—gay men living in central Tennessee, and their families, share stories of struggle and self-acceptance. We meet the retiree who spent his entire professional life in the closet, his devoted partner of 20 years, a pastor determined to overcome his own prejudices, and the pastor’s gay son, newly in love and just starting to come into his own.

IDA Documentary Awards 2019 Shorts Shortlist
Format ·········· Short Film
Total Run Time ·· 26 Minutes
Completed········ June 2019
Production Co ··· Dirt Road Film, LLC

Role············· Director & Producer